Prenatal vitamins are essential for pregnant women, but they aren’t always roses and sunshine on the bod. You’re already feeling nauseous, and you’re expected to swallow a large, chalky pill. Most prenatal vitamins contain a good amount of calcium, which tends to be a very bulky mineral that contributes to the size. If you have trouble swallowing prenatal vitamins, you may want to switch to a supplement that you don’t have to take in pill-form. Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix is a great alternative to prenatal pills, since you’re able to mix it with just about any beverage.


The iron content in your prenatal could be another reason you may have trouble. If your prenatal supplement contains more than 30 mg of iron, you may want to consider switching to a brand that contains less iron, unless you’re anemic. However, it’s extremely important that you continue to take a prenatal supplement that contains iron. You need to take in an extra 150% of the iron needed before you were pregnant. If you’re having trouble tolerating the iron in your prenatal, consider switching to Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix. Premama contains a gentle, unique iron blend that is much easier to digest, as well as ginger root which helps reduce nausea.

If you’re still having trouble taking your prenatal vitamin, try taking it with food or right before bed – It’s important to remember, don’t stop taking your prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins contain other important minerals and supplements such as folic acid, which has been shown to reduce the risks of neural tube birth defects by almost 70%. Another suggestion would be to try to take your vitamin at different times of the day, to find what works best for you.