We’ve been fortunate to meet many Moms as we spread the good word about Premama Prenatal Drinks. You can read their reviews of Premama below!

Marcie was worried her baby wasn’t receiving the proper nutrients, so she tried everything but nothing worked – even prescription – until she found Premama Prenatal Mix. Read her story »
Looking for a gluten-free, all-natural prenatal that still had all the required vitamins proved to be a challenge. OC Family was pleased to find one: Premama. Read their impressions »
Mommy Perks Reviews Premama Prenatal Drink Shara from Mommy Perks tries Premama to help supplement her health and her baby’s during breastfeeding. The verdict? “If I had known about Premama I would have been ALL OVER THAT with each pregnancy.” Read More »
Brenna Boyd of Perfectly Imperfect Mom was so over huge prenatal pills. When she met our team at Baby Expo, she felt like she found the path to freedom from nausea and discomfort. Read More »
When Shiloh got pregnant with her second baby in two years she was surprised, to say the least! Too busy to be nauseous all the time, she was relieved to find Premama Prenatal Mix. Read her story »
On the hunt for a flavorless, low-cal, anti-nausea, kosher, gluten-free prenatal vitamin? If you’re like Kidgrade you didn’t believe such a thing existed until Premama. Read their endorsement »
Nausea and constipation plague a lot of women taking prenatal pills, so when WonderMommy found Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix, she heaved a big sigh of relief! Find out more »
Ginger, powder, all-natural, low-calorie, and best of all, inexpensive! Find out what Whitney had to say about Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink »
What do moms think of Premama? Meg from Life Is Good Mama Blog said: “Unlike other vitamins, this is not a stinky, ginormous horse pill you have to swallow (or worry about the terrible indigestion that follows)”. Read her full review »
“I have been unable to take prenatal vitamins because of my severe morning sickness, so when someone said they had the problem solved, I was skeptical but hopeful.” Read Nikki’s experience with Premama »
Julee Morrison was diligent about doing everything her doctor told her when she became pregnant. So she took prenatal pills and promptly got morning sickness. Read what happened when she found Premama Vitamin Drink Mix »
Mommy and Me bloggers suffer with sensitive gag reflexes during pregnancy, making it especially difficult to swallow large pills. The solution? Premama helped: find out how »
Breastfeeding moms need extra vitamins, too. Folic acid, DHA, iron, and CoQ10 are all part of the full complement that you need to supplement to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients. Premama helped Linsey »
Trying to get all the (660!) prenatal pills into her required by her pregnancy and breastfeeding time, Charlene started to lose hope she’d ever be able to stop forcing down prenatals with horrible aftertaste. Find out how Premama saved her »
Preparing for pregnancy has a lot of responsibilities and it can be difficult to get them all done – especially when the give you an upset stomach or fish burps! Mommy Katie found a solution »
High doses of iron tend to give women constipation and upset stomachs. Trying to find a prenatal vitamin that doesn’t overwhelm your system is tough. Premama surprised this blogger »