Dr. Richard Chudacoff, MD, FACOGLooking for answers you can trust when you’re expecting?  We have a number of resources to recommend to you.  First, check out articles by our own Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Richard Chudacoff.  Dr. Chudacoff was named in the Guide to America’s Top Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and has been ranked on Houston’s Best Doctors list several times.

Articles by Dr. Chudacoff:

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Dr. Chudacoff on Premama

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Iron: Why Chelated Iron Is Better


Other Resources You Might Like:

For well-researched articles, great videos, and calculators you might like, check out BabyCenter.com.  Their site is one of the best hubs on the web.


Connect With Other Moms:

Our Facebook page is a great place to connect with other moms and moms-to-be with great tips on handling everything from the holidays to jealous pets and siblings, to mother-in-laws who have been through it all much worse than you . . . Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on Premama and meet other fabulous expectant women just like you.