First trimester nausea and vomiting is very common in pregnancy. One of the most common causes for this condition, besides the pregnancy hormone, is prenatal vitamins. There is a heightened gag reflex of the esophagus in pregnancy, and taking a large, poorly constructed prenatal vitamins stimulates the gag reflex worsening nausea and vomiting. Some of my patients had such serious nausea that I had to take them off of the pill and put them on those insufficient ‘flinstone’ vitamins to try and give them some sort of tolerable nutrients, but truthfully those vitamins are just not enough.

There are treatments for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, including vitamin B6 and Ginger, both of which are very safe to consume for yourself and your growing baby. I would often encourage my patients to take both of those ingredients with their prenatal supplements to help ease the pains of the pill, thankfully now I don’t have to.

Premama has both vitamin B6 and Ginger. More importantly, as a powdered, dissolvable, flavorless prenatal supplement, there is absolutely no stimulation to the gag reflex. This is why Hospitals and Universities are using our Premama to test for a decrease in nausea and vomiting in the 1st trimester. We are confident that if you try our prenatal supplement you too will have less nausea vomiting in your early pregnancy, and throughout your gestation.

Richard Chudacoff, MD FACOG
Chief Medical Officer
Premama, INC.