You’ve read the books and done your research. Everyone has something to say about how you take care of yourself over the next 9 months. However, some mistakes can be bigger than others. We did some digging to find the worst mistakes that a pregnant woman can make. Here they are:

1. You eat for two Being pregnant isn’t an excuse to eat as much as you want. In fact, it’s more important now than ever to watch what you’re putting into your body. Throughout the first few months you should only gain a few extra pounds, which can be done by taking in an extra 150-200 calories per day. Once you’ve made it to your second and third trimesters you should try eating an additional 300 calories per day.

2. You don’t get enough sleep - Research in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology found that women who averaged less than six hours of sleep nightly during their ninth month had longer labors and were more than four times more likely to have a C-section than those who slept longer. Try to get at least 8 hours a night, and nap when you have the opportunity.

3. You stop taking your prenatal vitamins because they make you sick Doctor’s recommend prenatal supplements due to the high levels of nutrients that are essential to your health, and the health of your baby. Many women struggle taking prenatal vitamins due to their size and iron content. However, to skip them is not a good idea. Try an alternative to prenatal pills, such as Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix, which also contains a gentle iron blend and ginger root for nausea.

4. You decrease your activity You don’t want to spend 9 months on the couch, unless your doctor puts you on bed rest. Take a walk with some friends or join a prenatal yoga class. The more active you are throughout your pregnancy, the easier it will be to lose the baby weight. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

5. You skip breakfast – Morning sickness can turn into all day sickness, and starting the day off with an empty stomach can contribute to your nausea. Try to nibble on some crackers and sip on some Gatorade when you wake up. It will help settle your stomach before the nausea kicks in.