Here at Premama site, we’ve been raving about folic acid for quite a while. We’re not surprised to hear about the new studies linking folic acid to a decreased risk for autism. We’re thrilled to hear that folic acid is now proving to be an even better supplement than we thought!

We recently posted an article about the benefits of folic acid – (Just in case you want to read over what we already loved about folic acid!)

The study, conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, was conducted with over 85,000 children over the course of six years. Doctors asked pregnant women to fill out a questionnaire about their supplement use before and during their pregnancies. The critical window for folic acid consumption was four weeks before conception and up until eight weeks into pregnancy. Overall, women who took supplements during this window were 40% less likely than others to have a baby with any autism spectrum disorder. This is another tip that we have stressed here at Premama. It is so important to take a prenatal vitamin while attempting to conceive as well as throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

According to March of Dimes, two-thirds of women don’t know that folic acid is important. Folate (the natural form of folic acid) can be found in dark leafy green vegetables, asparagus, broccoli, black beans, peanuts and citrus fruit. However, women in child bearing years won’t receive the recommended amount of folic acid just in their diet. The best bet is to take a prenatal supplement that contains folic acid, as well as additional vitamins and nutrients that are essential for prenatal health.