Tips for your pregnancy during Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving less than a week away you might be beginning to wonder just what foods you can still enjoy and what foods you should avoid.  Here are some good rules to follow to keep your baby safe and enjoy your Turkey Day: Make sure that as you’re preparing for the feast you wash your […]

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Tips to Sleep While Pregnant

Being pregnant comes with a many difficulties, one of which is being able to sleep. Here are a few tips to help you try to sleep better during your pregnancy: First, know that insomnia can’t hurt you or your baby so no need to worry about that. If you do have constant worries keeping you up, […]

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Names for Fall and Winter Babies

Want to celebrate the season your baby was born in? With Fall coming to a close and Winter approaching, here are a few name suggestions that are fitting for babies born in each season: Fall: Aki – a unisex Japanese name meaning “autumn” Wheatley/ Wheatleigh – means “from the wheat meadow” Dionysus – the Greek god […]

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Expectant Mothers

Still struggling to figure out a costume for Halloween? Here are some creative ways you can use your baby bump as part of your costume: Mother of Pearl: paint your bump white and make an oyster or scallop shell to surround your belly. As if your baby bump is the pearl inside. Basketball Star: wear an athletic-looking top […]

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Surviving Autumn

The start of autumn brings with it beautiful scenery and cooler weather. Here are a few tips to staying warm and healthy this fall: Dress comfortably. Always carry a warm cardigan or lightweight jacket with you in case you get cold. Have an umbrella with you in case you are caught outside in the seasonal […]

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Got Milk? Add Some To Your Premama Smoothie

Are you consuming enough dairy in your day? Think about adding some milk to your Premama smoothie mix while snacking on some cheese. A recent study has shown a higher intake of total dairy products, cheese, yogurt, and calcium (found in our Premama products) are associated with a lower risk of infant eczema and asthma. […]

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running and pregnant

Grow Your Baby Not Your Belly

Staying healthy during pregnancy is important to the growth and health of your child. Part of that is making sure you are getting active and exercising at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Many women want to know ways to stay in shape while pregnant. Firstly, always consult your doctor before starting an […]

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Pregnancy: There’s an App for That

You may be pregnant or getting ready to conceive and we here at Premama want to help you be prepared. Here is a list of Pregnancy apps, that along with our Prenatal vitamins, will help you enjoy your pregnancy and be ready for the big day. • What To Expect Pregnancy & Baby – This […]

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Enjoy the Sun and Avoid the Bugs

Now that we are in the midst of summer and the weather is finally turning warm, it is the time for vacations, picnics, and outdoor fun. Sadly, it is also the time for mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. As an expectant mother you want to try to avoid the bugs and stay safe during your […]

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Too Hot For Outdoors? Get Vitamin D with Premama

All ingredients in prenatal vitamins play an important role in the healthy development of your child. One such vitamin that is vital to your baby’s health is Vitamin D. Vitamin D has been shown to help in the physiological and skeletal development as well as lactation during and after pregnancy. A Vitamin D deficiency during […]

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